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Three New G Suite Features

G Suite Updates

Google Drive: G Suite Quick Access Side Panel Added

The side panel added in the most recent version of Gmail is now available in Drive.

This is the quick access menu on the right-hand side that includes shortcuts for Calendar, Keep, and Tasks. Having the side panel available increases productivity by reducing the amount of time spent switching between apps.

To learn more about the side panel, visit Google’s support website.

Google Sites: Insert a Table of Contents

Improve navigation in your Google Site with just one click.

Add a table of contents to a page by clicking Insert > Table of Contents. Sites uses your page headings and subheadings to automatically create a table of contents. Viewers can quickly navigate by clicking a heading and jumping right to that section.

For more details about creating a table of contents in Google Sites, visit the G Suite Updates blog.

Google Docs: Spelling and Grammar Improvements

Spell check in Google Docs has been enhanced and possible grammar corrections will now be underlined in blue. Just right-click to see a suggested correction or dismiss the alert.

Review all language suggestions by going to the Tools menu and selecting Review suggested edits.

For questions about any of the G Suite applications, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or email