New Audio Description Tracks in TechSmith Relay Help People of All Abilities

Student using headphones while studying at computer

You can now add Audio Description (AD) tracks to videos in TechSmith Relay.

An AD track is a secondary narration track, describing important visual details that cannot be understood from the main video soundtrack alone.

AD tracks provide information about actions, characters, slide contents, on-screen text, and other visual content to people who are blind or have low vision, as well as those with cognitive limitations who have difficulty interpreting visual elements.

Providing AD tracks helps to meet the requirements of Boise State Policies 8140 (Information Technology Accessibility) and 1075 (Non-Discrimination On the Basis of Disability).

University students, faculty and staff can learn how to add Audio Description tracks to TechSmith Relay videos by following instructions on TechSmith’s website.

About TechSmith Relay

TechSmith Relay is a video creation and sharing solution that helps maximize student engagement in online and blended courses.

Boise State students, faculty, and staff have free access to TechSmith Relay, and every classroom features TechSmith Relay for capturing class audio and/or video.

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