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Changes to Google Groups Settings

G Suite Updates

Beginning Monday, May 6, Google Groups settings are changing. Several settings that perform similar functions are combining, making it much easier to manage groups.

Previously there were more than 20 settings to manage group membership, content, and metadata. These are combining into three new settings:

  • Manage Members
  • Moderate Content
  • Moderate Metadata

Settings for your groups will automatically update to match the new roles. This means that users’ permissions might change, depending on their current settings. As a result, some users might gain or lose permissions unexpectedly.

For example, Manage Members includes the following permissions:

  • Add Members
  • Invite Members
  • Modify Members
  • Approve Members
  • Ban Users

If a user currently has permission to perform those five tasks, they automatically receive the Manage Members role. However, this role will not be assigned for users who don’t have permission to manage all of those settings.

We recommend verifying your Google Groups settings to ensure those who manage members or content have the right permissions.

To learn more about the new settings for groups, visit Google’s support site.

For assistance verifying group permissions or questions about these changes, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or email