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Google Renaming Team Drives and Adding New Sheets Features

G Suite UpdatesGoogle Team Drives Will Become Shared Drives

Beginning June 3, you’ll see Team Drives in Google Drive change to “Shared drives.” This is a name change only; there are no changes to functionality.

Google decided “Shared drives” makes it easier to understand how they work and better reflects how Team Drives are currently being used.

To learn more about Shared drives, visit the G Suite Learning Center.

Three New Features in Google Sheets

Google recently added three new features to make it easier to work with your data in Sheets. They are:

    • Remove duplicates
    • Trim whitespace
    • Compatible spreadsheet shortcuts

To remove duplicates, select a range of data in your spreadsheet. From the toolbar, select Data > Remove duplicates. Select Remove duplicates. You’ll see a message indicating how many duplicates were removed from the selection.

To trim whitespace, select a cell or range of data that contains whitespace. From the toolbar, select Data > Trim whitespace. You’ll see a message detailing how many cells had whitespace removed.

To enable compatible keyboard shortcuts, go to Help > Keyboard shortcuts on the Sheets toolbar. At the bottom of the list of keyboard shortcuts, you’ll have the option to enable compatible spreadsheet shortcuts.

For assistance using any of these new features, or questions about the Team Drives name change, contact contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or email