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Are You Sure That Email is From Dr. Tromp?

beware of phishing scams

We’re not saying our new University president doesn’t want to meet with you, we just know there are a lot of emails being sent to Boise State accounts from people pretending to be Dr. Marlene Tromp.

These emails often ask if you’re available, are willing to perform a favor, or otherwise compel you to interact with the sender. An example of a requested favor is for the recipient to purchase iTunes gift cards, scratch off the back to reveal the codes, and send back a picture of the cards and codes.

Here’s how to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Always check the actual address of the email. Many times scammers will use a similar name, or try and add “BoiseState” in the address to trick you.
  • Do not engage with any email you believe is suspect!
  • One¬†important item to look for is what comes after the “@” symbol – this is the domain part. Domains listed with,,, or are not university email domains, and you should exercise caution before responding to these emails.
  • If you are using a mobile device, sometimes the actual full sender’s email address does not automatically display. You can check the address by clicking on the “Details” link. This is usually located at the top of the email with the sender, recipient, and date information.

All mobile devices and mail apps differ so it’s best to confirm how your application allows you to view message details.

Our Help Desk is available to assist you if you have questions or concerns about any email you receive. Contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357, email, or chat online.