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“Mad Max” and the New Boise State Mobile App

“Mad Max” Davis-Johnson, CIO at Boise State, is madder than ever about the new Boise State Mobile App! The new app will include:

  • Sign in once and stay signed in.
  • Students can pay for dining services using the app.
  • Location services will help you get to where you need to go on campus.
  • Discover all kinds of events on campus.
  • Students can receive notifications for critical dates and grade postings.

The free app is available for iOS and Android.

Discover more on the Boise State Mobile website.

Video Transcript: "Mad" Max and the New Boise State Mobile App

[Peer Gynt by Edward Grieg music plays as if from a record player. We see that we are near the “B” sculpture at the Administration Building on the Boise State campus. The record player needle scratches as “Mad” Max appears in frame and a heavy metal tune with screaming guitar starts playing as “Mad” Max begins speaking.]

This is Mad Max, madder than ever about Boise State’s new Boise State Mobile App.

Get it now!

Persistent Login

Log in once, don’t log in again until you have to change your password.

Everybody’s favorite price: free! You heard me right, free!

Boise State Mobile can tell you what’s happening today: where, when, plays, concerts, social events.

Campus Events Calendar

It can tell you what’s happening today, tomorrow. It blows my mind! Get it now!


Boise State Mobile can tell you when you need to enroll next semester.

[New message alert sound: “It’s time to enroll!” appears on screen.]

It can tell you when you need to pay your bill.

[New message alert sound: “Your bill is available!” appears on screen.]

And let you know when your semester grades are posted.

[New message alert sound: “Your grades just posted!” appears on screen.]

Get it now!

Pay for Dining Services

Use Boise State Mobile so you don’t even have to take your Bronco Card out of your pocket. You don’t have to put your hands in your pocket. You can just use your phone to pay for University dining services. Everybody’s favorite price: free!

Add Blackboard Assignments to Your Calendar

With just a tap you can add your Blackboard assignments to your calendar. With just a tap! Nothing’s easier than just a tap.

Locations Services

You don’t know where you are? You don’t know where your class is? Boise State Mobile can not only tell you where you are, it can tell you where your class is, and it can tell you how to get there!

It’s the hippest thing in Boise since Treefort!

Customize Your Experience

Choose what you want to see on Boise State Mobile.

Available on iOS and Android.

Get it for one or get it for both, we don’t care. Just get it.

Everybody’s favorite price: free!

Downloads and Information

Visit the Boise State Mobile page for downloads and information.