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Managing Change with HCM Cloud and Bronco Hub

Change Management

Managing Change

Mention something is changing and people may react in different ways. Change means leaving behind what you knew and adapting to what is now.

Change may invoke anxiety as a reaction to stress. Many of us are already stressed about what’s happening at work, at home, and in the world. “More stress? No thanks, I’ll pass.”

Change may make you feel uncomfortable. “Will I understand the change?” “Why are we making this change?” “Who can I turn to for assistance?”

Still others may be excited about change. “Change is new, and ‘new’ is is exciting!” “Bring it on!” (These people tend to drink a lot of coffee.)

Managing change is a core component of the HCM Cloud Project. Because HCM Cloud will continuously evolve and improve, change management will never end.

Future-Proofing Technology

HCM Cloud enhancements will arrive every 90 days (once per quarter). The Division of Finance and Administration will partner with our Boise State community to assess the spectrum of these quarterly impacts and ensure we don’t experience unexpected consequences for university processes and workflows.

Collaborating with our community to test, document, and communicate enhancements will be vital to helping you and your colleagues adapt to Bronco Hub changes. You will be prepared for what is coming, will know how changes will impact you, and will understand where to go for questions or assistance.

Job aids, videos, and documentation will frequently be updated to help you understand how enhancements will impact processes.

This indefinite collaboration and communication is how we’ll adapt to change together.

Boise State CIO Max Davis-Johnson refers to this cycle of continual enhancement and change adaptation as future-proofing our technology:

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The idea is very similar to application updates you get on your iPhone or Android device. Applications update as often as once a week. You don’t have to uninstall and reinstall these updates; they simply update in place. You’re always up to date, patched, and often enjoy new features and enhancements.

That’s the advantage of a cloud-based enterprise system.

For additional information about HCM Cloud or Bronco Hub please visit the HCM Cloud Project website.