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QR Code Seat Tracking Improves Covid-19 Contact Tracing Data

QR Codes

After a successful pilot in fall 2020, OIT is implementing a new QR code attendance tracking and contact tracing system in campus general classrooms for the spring 2021 semester.

Asking students and instructors to scan QR codes in the classroom is faster than filling out a survey and provides better data for our Public Health Office to facilitate contact tracing for potential interactions with individuals identified as positive for Covid-19.

QR codes are ubiquitous; anyone with a mobile device can quickly scan a QR code using their phone’s camera app or a free third-party app such as Trend Micro Secure QR Code Scanner (available for iOS and Android).

How does it work?

Students and faculty will:

  1. Enter a general classroom and locate an approved seat;
  2. Open their mobile device’s camera app or QR scanner;
  3. Scan the QR code for their location(s).

Data from QR code scans auto-populate the Seating survey form, but students who don’t have a mobile device can continue to fill out the Seating survey if needed.

Additional information about using QR codes in classrooms is available on our website:

QR Code Attendance and Contact Tracing Application

Students and instructors should contact the Help Desk for additional information or assistance scanning QR codes.