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Blue Course Evaluation Tool is Coming Summer 2021

Generic screen shots of Blue Course Evaluation software on mobile devices and a desktop computer

Blue Course Evaluation tool replaces CollegeNET’s What·Do·You·Think (WDYT)tool in summer 2021. Blue is industry-leading evaluation software that provides a simple user interface, enhanced reporting, and explicit control over who can access evaluations.

Blue will go live at Boise State for summer 2021 classes after the first 3-week session.

Blue provides instructors access to the same functionality as WDYT, including the ability to download reports and add instructor-generated questions to course evaluations. Deans, directors and department heads will have access to aggregate reports and evaluations within their subject areas or colleges.

The Blue implementation team will migrate 10 years of college, department, and subject-level data into Blue for easy evaluation and comparison by Fall 2021.

Faculty: Download Instructor-Generated Data from WDYT

Faculty and instructors should note that instructor-generated questions and responses, ones added to evaluations each semester, will not migrate from WDYT to Blue. WDYT will be accessible until June 27, 2021.

Faculty, instructors and administrators can sign into WDYT and follow the steps below to download your course evaluation data from WDYT.

If you have any questions about Blue, contact LTS at