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HCM Cloud Project Goes Live in September

Finish line painted on asphalt

After careful consideration, HCM Cloud project management, executive sponsors, and consulting partners are targeting September as the official go-live period for HCM Cloud.

The go-live date must coincide with the start of a fiscal year quarter in order to convert payroll balances. The project team identified October 1 as the next quarterly start date, requiring HCM Cloud implementation by that date. Therefore, go-live will take place in September to meet that date. Additional information about specific dates and timelines will be announced as soon as go-live tasks and activities are finalized.

Work on the project continues at an urgent pace. The project team is completing training materials, including job aids, crosswalk resources, and videos. Drop-in sessions and super user training will be announced soon. And, system testing and payroll validation are ongoing.

More Information

For more information about process redesign sessions or the HCM Cloud project, visit the HCM Cloud Project website or contact