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Access PeopleSoft HR

Faculty and staff will begin using Bronco Hub to report time and absence beginning September 10.

In the meantime, if you need to access information in the PeopleSoft HR system, here’s how to access the system directly or through myBoiseState.

(Note that if you are off campus you must sign in to Boise State VPN prior to signing in to PeopleSoft HR or accessing PeopleSoft HR through myBoiseState.)

Direct Link to Access HR System (PeopleSoft HR)

Sign in to PeopleSoft HR directly without going through myBoiseState:

HR System (PeopleSoft HR)

Access HR System (PeopleSoft HR) in myBoiseState

  1. Sign in to myBoiseState.
  2. In your Employee View, type “HR System” in the search field at the top of your Services menu:Screenshot demonstrating how to search for and access the HR System link in myBoiseState
  3. Select the HR System (PeopleSoft HR) link under “Other Services” to access the PeopleSoft HR system.