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Duo Multi-factor Authentication for Students Required Beginning October 7

Duo security logo on mobile phone and Boise State logo on computer desktop

Duo multi-factor authentication is required for Boise State students beginning Thursday, October 7.

What is Multi-factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication adds another layer of security to your account. Duo Security requires you to verify your identity using another method (like your mobile device) to prevent anyone else from logging into your accounts, even if they know your password.

You may be familiar with multi-factor authentication from logging into personal applications, such as bank accounts. When you log in, you receive a text message or email link that you must confirm. Duo Security is similar, but also includes the option of a push notification to a mobile app you can install, making the authentication even easier.

How Does It Work?

Duo Security requires enrollment.

Students received an initial email with enrollment instructions in their BroncoMail account on Wednesday, September 22 with the subject of “Duo Security Enrollment.” This email is legitimate and contains a link to enroll your phone, tablet, or other device.

Enrollment is easy and step-by-step instructions (including a video demonstrating the process) are available in Duo’s online enrollment guide.

Students who have yet to enroll will continue receiving email reminders through the October 7 go-live date.

Thank you for your commitment to keeping our systems, and your information, safe!

More Information

Information about completing your enrollment or changing your Duo authentication methods is available on our website.

You may also contact the OIT Help Desk at (208) 426-4357, email, or chat for additional information or questions.