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Hemingway Center Receives A Technology Upgrade

Image of new technology in Hemingway Center

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Technical Services team recently collaborated with the Hemingway Literary Center to convert a room from an art gallery to a flexible classroom and event hosting space.

The new technology successfully complements the room by maintaining the overall historical aesthetic without being overly obtrusive.

What technology was installed?

OIT installed the standard set of classroom technologies, including a built-in computer system with screen display, speakers, microphones, and document cameras throughout the room.

We also installed flat screen displays on movable carts. These carts allow the room to be arranged in multiple configurations and presentations to be seen and heard from different angles.

According to OIT’s Mark Fitzgerald, his team’s commitment to thinking beyond the technology is what makes this new room a showcase.

“We love working with¬†departments to deliver high quality¬†educational technology that is easy to use. I think our work in Hemmingway is just one of many examples of how our team can apply creativity to design unique learning¬†environments with standard classroom equipment.”

For information about requesting similar accommodations, visit our Conference Room Support Services website.