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IT Governance

Large IT Development Projects

University Large Development Information Technology Projects are approved by the IT Governance Council (ITGC) and IT Planning Committee (ITPC).

Project Identification and Planning Process

Large Development Identification and Planning Process

How the Process Works

Establish Scope

Our scope for Large Development Projects is projects with a 5-year time horizon.

Establish Project Factors

We established three project sizes (Small, Medium, Large) with factors that define approval levels, including budget, project length, and scope of impact and change.

Develop Inventory

Inventory projects requested of the Office of Information Technology that meet criteria for Large Development Projects.

Affirm Approach

Obtain approval to prioritize Large Development Projects from the IT Governance Council and IT Planning Committee.

Map Burning Issues

Working groups map burning issues to Large Development Projects.

Create Timeline

Build a timeline displaying sequential order for projects to be implemented.

IT Governance Council Review

The IT Governance Council reviews our five-year roadmap of IT development projects as presented by the IT Planning Committee, and either affirms or returns the plan back to the IT Planning Committee for revisions.

Establish Baseline

Our Project Management Office provides the IT Planning Committee with lists of medium and large projects on a regular cadence.

More Information

For additional information about the Office of Information Technology’s Large Develop Project Identification and Planning Process, contact Brian Bolt, Deputy CIO, at

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