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Large Development Projects (Accessible Version)

Status of Large Development Projects

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Task NameSoftwareScope Statement StatusBudget Request StatusFY21 Funding IdentifiedFY21 Assignable OIT Resources?% CompleteProposed StartEstimated Finish

Finance, HR, and Administrative Systems

32%01/01/18 12/30/22
Implement Financial Reporting
Reporting technologies from OracleIncompleteN/AN/A No25% 01/01/18 12/31/20
Implement Oracle HCM Cloud (Core Functionality)
Oracle HCM Cloud N/ATBDYesYes50% 07/01/18 12/30/20
Implement Oracle HCM Cloud (Core Reporting)
Reporting technologies from OracleN/A TBDYesYes50% 07/01/18 12/30/20
Implement Applicant Tracking SystemPageUpCompleteCompleteYesN/A100% 01/01/19 01/31/20
Implement Employee Learning Management
Blackboard Genius / Registration ToolCompleteCompleteYesN/A100% 01/01/19 01/31/20
Implement Electronic Signature System
DocuSignCompleteCompleteYesN/A100% 01/01/19 01/31/20
Implement Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning System (Core Functionality)
TBD CompleteCompleteYesNo25%10/01/1906/30/21
Implement Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning System (Financial Modeling)
Replace Point of Sales Terminals and Heartland Credit Card GatewayTBD1/4 CompleteTBDNoNo0%07/01/2006/30/21
Implement Procurement Contract Management System
TBD - iContracts, Apttus, Others 0%07/01/21 06/30/22
Implement Performance Management System
TBD - Oracle HCM Cloud0%07/01/21 12/30/22

Campus Solutions and Interfaces

Upgrade PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to Version 9.2
N/A N/A N/AN/A100%01/01/18 09/21/18
Optimize Graduate Admissions Processes
PeopleSoft EMS, Hobsons AY, and Hobsons Connect N/A N/A N/A N/A 75% 01/01/18 03/31/20
Migrate Frevvo Forms and Workflows to Perceptive Content
Perceptive Content and eForms N/A N/A N/A N/A 75%01/01/18 10/30/20
Implement Curriculum and Catalog Management System
Kuali Student CompleteCompleteYesYes50% 01/07/19 07/31/20
Develop eForms and Workflows (Academic Adjustment)
Perceptive Content and eForms N/AN/AYesYes100% 07/01/19 02/28/20
Re-implement Financial Aid System (pending consultant review)PeopleSoft Campus SolutionsTBDN/AN/ATBD0%09/01/1912/31/21
Implement Data Capture Tool / Automated Transcript Processing
TBDCompleteN/AYesYes10% 02/01/20 06/30/21
Implement Campus-wide Space Scheduling System
TBD - EMS, Schedule25, Others 3/4 CompleteN/A0%07/01/20 12/30/22
Implement Statewide Degree Audit System
Replace Housing Management SystemTBD1/2 CompleteN/AYesYes0%07/01/2006/30/21
Implement Cloud Student Management System
Oracle Student Cloud 0%
Implement Academic Course Schedule Builder
TBD - CourseLeaf, Others 0%

Student Success

20%01/01/18 12/31/25
Implement Blackboard Analytics for Learn
N/A N/AN/AN/A100% 01/01/18 06/29/18
Upgrade Degree Tracker to Current Version
Degree Tracker N/A N/A N/AN/A100% 01/01/18 10/23/18
Implement Customer Relationship Management System for Recruitment for Advising, AdvancementSalesforceNoCompleteYesYes25%10/01/18 12/31/25
Implement Customer Relationship Management System for Recruitment through Graduation (Undergraduate Admissions)
SlateN/AN/AYesTBD / N/A25%05/01/2012/31/20

Research Support

25% 01/01/18 12/30/22
Implement Redesigned Oracle Grants System
N/A N/A N/AN/A100% 01/01/18 06/21/18
Implement Sponsored Project Related Reporting
Oracle reporting technologiesCompleteN/AN/ANo50% 12/03/18 06/30/21
Implement Pre-Award System for Proposal Development, Award Tracking, Sub-award Functionality, and Research ComplianceInfoEdCompleteN/AYesYes50%06/01/19 10/30/20
Integrate Pre-Award System with Enterprise Data WarehouseOracle reporting technologiesNoN/AN/ANo0%11/02/2009/29/21
Implement Payroll Verification Processes and System
Implement Budget Forecasting and Modeling for College Grant Portfolios
TBD - Cayuse; Oracle Project and Portfolio Management, Oracle Enterprise Planning, Oracle Data Visualization, Others0%

Digital Transformation of Learning

51%07/01/18 06/30/22
Replace Blackboard On-premise with Blackboard SaaS
BlackboardN/ACompleteYesN/A100%07/01/18 12/28/18
Implement Accessibility Features for Learning Management SystemBlackboard AllyN/ACompleteYesN/A100%08/01/18 12/31/18
Implement Student Outcomes Assessment
Blackboard Outcomes N/ACompleteYesN/A75%01/21/19 06/30/20
Replace Video Capture System
Panopto CompleteN/AN/AYes75%07/01/1907/01/20
Evaluate Alternative Learning Management SystemCanvasCompleteN/AN/AN/A100%01/01/2006/30/20
Replace Course Evaluation System
TBD - Blue CompleteN/AYesYes25%07/01/20 12/31/20
Implement Content Management System for OER
OER Commons and Pressbooks 0%


19%01/20/19 06/30/21
Implement Enterprise Password Change System
Manage Engine ADSelfService Plus CompleteN/AYesYes75%01/20/19 06/30/20
Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (Faculty and Staff)Duo CompleteCompleteYesYes50%01/20/19 09/30/20
Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (Students)
Duo CompleteTBDNoYes0%10/01/20 09/30/21
Implement Role Based Access Security Across Enterprise Systems / Identity and Access Management

Public Digital Assets

75%01/01/18 12/31/19
Migrate Public Web Sites to New Infrastructure and New Theme
Amazon Web Services, WordPressN/AN/AYesN/A100%01/01/18 12/31/19
Implement Revised Campus Directory
TBD1/4 CompleteN/AN/ANo0%
Implement Student Course Search Functionality
TBD1/4 CompleteN/AN/ANo0%

Decision Support

25%01/01/19 03/14/22
Transition Student Data from Pyramid to Enterprise Data WarehouseReporting technologies from Oracle CompleteN/AN/AN/A75%01/01/19 06/30/20
Course Resource Forecasting / Course Demand Prediction
TBD - Helio CampusIncomplete0%
"Best in the West" Data Warehouse and Integrated Reporting Data
TBD - Helio CampusIncomplete0%
Management of Academic Budgets and FinancesTBD0%

More Information

For additional information about the Office of Information Technology’s Large Development Project Identification and Planning Process, contact Brian Bolt, Deputy CIO, at

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