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QR Code Attendance and Contact Tracing Application

QR Code Tracking for Contact Tracing

Boise State is utilizing QR codes to capture location data for attendance tracking and contact tracing in general classrooms beginning January 2021. Students are asked to provide attendance and location information every day they attend class on campus.

QR codes instead of seating surveys

Scanning a QR code at your seat provides a quick method of determining where you are in a given location. This results in accurate data for the university to facilitate contact tracing for potential interactions with individuals identified as positive for COVID-19.

Scanning a QR code provides an immediate opportunity to submit your seating data, a process we believe is simpler and faster than filling out a survey.

QR codes are ubiquitous; anyone with a mobile device can quickly scan a QR code using their phone’s camera app or a free third-party app such as Trend Micro Secure QR Code Scanner (available for iOS and Android).

How does it work?

  1. Each and every day you are in a general campus classroom you’ll enter the room and find an approved seat;
  2. Open your phone’s camera app or QR scanner;
  3. Scan the QR code for your seat (and any other classroom locations you may visit).

Some classrooms may not have a typical seating arrangement and will only have one QR code sign posted to represent the entire space. Students should scan that one code if applicable.

Scanning the QR code forwards your device to a website that will ask you to authenticate and provide data about your current location, and will auto-populate the Seating survey so you don’t have to.

That’s it!

Unable to Use a Smartphone?

If you don’t have a phone with you please just use the Seating Survey Form instead.

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