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Personal Impact Statement

BAS and MDS Personal Impact Statement and Program Emphasis

To be admitted into the Boise State Multidisciplinary Studies or the Applied Science program, please submit your Personal Impact Statement and select the top three Emphasis Areas that interest you. Once you submit this form you will receive an emailed copy for your records.

An important aspect of our program is self-reflection. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is a difficult and rewarding process! Consider the Personal Impact Statement your purpose statement as to why you will finish your degree.

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  • Applied Leadership Certificate
    Business Bridge to Career
    Certificate in Leadership and Human Relations
    Cyber Operations Certificate
    Cyber-Physical Systems Security for All Certificate
    Communication Management
    Experiential Learning. I’d like to get credit for work experience or an internship
    Healthcare Pre-Professional
    Innovation and Design: Emerging Applications (ID:EA) Certificate
    Inquiry-Based Early Childhood Education
    Media Content Management
    Professional Development Courses
    Public Health Certificate
    Public Relations
    User Experience Research: UX Professional Certificate
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Personal Impact Statement Examples

Major changer seeking a customized degree path to meet career goals

My passion has always been teaching, and my greatest strength has always been teaching math. To pursue this professionally, I need to obtain a college degree. A college degree will be beneficial in helping me improve my teaching skills, my people skills, and simply my ability to continue to be a lifelong learner, even outside of an organized class setting. By the end of my college career, I believe I will have obtained the tools I need to become the well-rounded educator I strive to be.

Parent with two associates degrees

I have been through a lot since I was 18 and have continued to move forward in school despite my shortcomings. I want to be able to look back and say that I did it and have a degree to show for it. I want to be able to make my son and husband proud! Since I have so many credits from completing two different associates, I am hoping this will help me to continue to move forward and accomplish my goals. I have a bunch of different credits and am looking for the best option to graduate and continue to study what interests me.

Military Veteran

I did not graduate high school. I joined the United States Navy and earned my GED through Olympic College in Washington while I was stationed on a Ballistic Missile Submarine. I struggled through school and after joining the Navy discovered that I had dyslexia. With some classes and training I was able to work through it and graduated in the top 3 of my Navy “C” school. Now at 48, I am ready to prove to myself that I can earn my bachelor’s degree and walk across the stage at BSU.

Working on a Promotion

I started working when I was sixteen years old and have been at it for almost twenty-four years now. Looking back at the experiences I have garnered I can’t bring myself to regret the path that I took. While I’ve been very successful, I’ve come to a crossroad in my career, and have very purposely positioned myself to a place where I am able and ready to finish what I started more than twenty years ago. I feel like my education will have a direct benefit to how I am performing my job, and this shift in perception will allow me to place the importance on my education that it has always deserved.

Returning Student

I started working when I was fourteen years old and have a lot of experience from banking and office settings, to the Idaho Legislature. There are many times I have been overlooked for promotions because of the lack of an undergraduate degree. It has caused many roadblocks in my career and personal life and has cost me a great deal. I am now at crossroads with my career requiring a degree to advance. Another motivation for me is to set the example for my family about the importance of having a college degree.