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Cyber Operations and Resilience Portfolio Campaign

Boise State Online’s cyber operations and resilience online programs launched in 2021 with a recognition of a substantial growing need in this career field.

One year later, we realized the need for refreshed messaging and content. We worked with program partners and students to determine gaps in creative work and strengthen our strategy.

Campaign Themes

The main themes of our refreshed campaign were:

  • Cyber for all students: encourage students from all backgrounds to apply and pursue cyber careers. No math or technical background is required.
  • Portfolio strategy: showcase our undergraduate and graduate cyber degrees and certificates in a single marketing campaign to demonstrate accessibility and stackability.
  • Student stories: highlight students who are entering an essential field and meaningful career to fill a growing need in our communities.
  • Online programs: emphasize the flexibility, affordability and academic excellence of Boise State Online.
Showcasing undergraduate and graduate cyber degrees and certificates

Portfolio Website and Landing Page

Boise State Online offers multiple cyber degrees and certificates. With a growing list of cyber programs, we realized how important it was to showcase all of these options in one place. Our portfolio strategy allowed us to create a new website and landing page where students could explore these options and click through to individual web pages for more information.

Through paid advertising and organic social media, these pages have received almost 41,000 views and generated 1,158 new leads for our online cyber programs.

View the Cyber Portfolio Website

View the Cyber Portfolio Landing Page

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience

Kris Pruett’s Story

Kris Pruett is a Hewlett-Packard intern enrolled in Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience. Living in a small town in central Idaho has not deterred her from pursuing a degree and gaining the necessary professional experience to launch into the booming cyber field.

Read Kris’s Student Story

More About the Bachelor of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience

Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience

Cody Shepherd’s Story

Cody Shepherd is an IT Operations Senior Manager at Idaho Power. He felt that Boise State Online’s Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience was a good next step to continue a lifetime of learning and complement his many years of IT experience. The flexibility of the program has allowed him to continue his full-time job and expand his cyber experiences to level up in his career.

Read Cody’s Student Story

More About the Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience

Using short-form videos and creative imagery


We advertised across Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram with both images and videos. Our creative ads follow our overarching “More than a Degree” campaign with a cyber-focused tagline and unique imagery. Our main messaging tagline for the cyber portfolio campaign was, “It’s more than a degree, it’s preparing you for a changing world.”

Advertising Results

Kris Pruett’s video on Facebook and Instagram received 48,700 impressions and 835 clicks.

Kris Pruett’s video on YouTube received 23,643 impressions and 9,740 views.

Cody Shepherd’s posts on LinkedIn received 49,101 impressions21,180 clicks and generated 103 leads.

Kris Pruett’s posts on LinkedIn received 104,108 impressions, 1,257 clicks and generated 32 leads.

Reaching organic audiences

Social Media

While using paid advertising is effective, having an organic presence on social media builds our reputation and trust. We created organic posts for our Boise State Online Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to further share our student stories and promote our cyber programs.

Our social media strategy was to take the content we had created for the website, blogs and paid advertising and re-use it for social media as much as possible. With this strategy, we were able to create engaging posts and also use this content to promote Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Social Media Results

To extend our reach, we utilized Instagram Collabs to connect posts to the main Boise State University account. Cody Shepherd’s collab post received 10,391 impressions and 237 content interactions.

Since launching our cyber program posts, the Boise State Online accounts have garnered a net growth of 61.1% between August and October, 2022.

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