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Space Audits

All space at Boise State University belongs to the university as it is a substantial asset and must be managed effectively to meet the institution’s strategic mission for teaching and research. The process to ensure the space inventory is accurately represented is through an annual space audit. This initial audit is distributed to each unit so they can review the information for accuracy and make the necessary changes or additions based on current fiscal year activities.

This data is used for all reporting involving space, including reports to national, state, and local entities, as well as a variety of executive and departmental Boise State reports. It is critical that the information recorded in our database be as accurate as possible.

The following items are included in the official memo and instructions packet:

  1. Instructions for reviewing and correcting the space data.
  2. Room Use Codes and Definitions.
  3. Official Building Name and Abbreviation List.
  4. A printout of your department’s inventory of space usage (PFI Listing of Rooms by Department).
  5. Color-coded floor plans(s) of your department’s allocated space.

If you need assistance in clarifying any of the items listed on your report, or any other space-related questions, please contact April Lanningham at (208) 426-5167.

Official Memo and Instructions

Official Building List

Room Use Codes Expanded Definitions