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Our Team Mindset Lab focuses on:

  • Shared leadership
  • Virtual team development
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork for creativity

We provide customized solutions to your performance problems or questions of interest that might include a variety of services. Areas of specialty include team performance assessment, team performance consulting, customized training for team development.

Team Performance Assessment

An effective team can deliver desired performance. A team that is not working can cause unnecessary disruption, and even failed delivery. We offer the team assessment to help you uncover your team dynamics and potential performance issues. Once you’ve completed the assessment, we direct you towards team tools that will help you improve your current situations.

Team Performance Consulting

No team performance issues are alike, so our consultations are always personalized to the needs of the client. All consulting relationships start with an initial conversation about the client’s goal, needs, and expectations. Then we would be able to draw on a range of proven diagnostic tools and the latest thinking to assess the client’s needs for determine the most effective solution, which is tailored to meet each team’s specific requirements.

Customized Training (or e-Training) for Team Development

Our dynamic and results-oriented trainings cover, but not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Creating a psychologically safe environment in teams to promote team creativity
  2. Empowering employees and teams
  3. Managing effective virtual teamwork
  4. Building a team growth mindset
  5. Enhancing interdisciplinary team creativity

We strongly encourage our partners to make a data-driven determination with us together that a particular situation is a reasonable candidate for a training program in the first place. We would also offer other performance support tools other than trainings for team performance improvement.