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September 17: ISPI BABS Webinar

Sept 17 webinar

Universal Design for Performance Improvement
Tonya V Thomas
September 17, 2020
Noon mst


In this interactive online session, Tonya Thomas walks participants through the application of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to performance improvement and execution strategies, pulling examples from her own rich experience as both educator AND learner over her career of +20 years. Participants will be exposed to concepts, power techniques, and #techtoolz that assist with making performance interventions more “sticky,” more actionable, and—most importantly—more inclusive. 

Participants will:

  • Describe the foundational tenets of UDL and how this framework applies to performance support
  • Take stock of the various ways their workplace supports the incorporation of UDL for performance issues
  • Using provided UDL reference tools, outline ways to apply UDL for performance to real-world performance

Tonya V Thomas is an education technology, design, and multimedia communications leader and equity activist with nearly 25 years of experience in process improvement, project management, training and human performance support, productivity consulting, public speaking, group facilitation, web development, information systems, PR and corporate communications, leadership development, data management, business development consulting, and non-profit operations management. She has successfully led change for healthcare, academic, non-profit and Fortune 500 companies.

She holds a BS in Instructional Design from Walden University, and an MA in Educational Technology from The University of Michigan. In addition to being principal, lead consultant, and Chief Effectiveness Officer at EduTechDiva Enterprises, LLC, she is also a full-time project manager/senior business systems analyst and adjunct professor in communications and business administration at Wayne State University.