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3-part webinar series on developing a unique brand identity

opwl webinar

Development of a professional portfolio website can be an essential step in getting your first job or that next best job in the learning and development field.  Boise State University’s Department of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) provides access to tools and jobs aids for students in the MS and certificate programs to build their portfolio website from their first-semester of study.  Each of the masters courses contain at least one deliverable for their portfolio, so throughout their study, students will be building and adding samples of work to their professional portfolio.

In addition to the tools and resources needed to build a portfolio, the department is developing a broad array of resources to assist students with creating a professional portfolio website.  To that end, OPWL faculty members Drs. Giacumo and Stieha along with Vanessa Alzate, President and CEO of Anchored Training collaborated to deliver a 3-part webinar series on developing a unique brand identity.

The first in the webinar series is Discover your opportunity and find your niche and it addresses understanding what a personal brand is, understanding your value, as well as a vision for your career.

The second in the webinar series isCraft your messageand it addresses the advantage of specialization and niching down. In this webinar Vanessa Alzate provides examples on the benefit of niching down and how it can grow your business.

The third in the webinar series isOwn your own uniqueness and in it Vanessa shares her personal story of embracing her own uniqueness and how it is reflected on her website.  Her examples illustrate how her personal brand is visible on her webpage and throughout her work.

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