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Volunteer Opportunities for ISPI BABS Chapter

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Joining an award winning team offers you plenty of opportunities to:

  • Elevate leadership skills
  • Strengthen resumé
  • Build a personal and professional network
  • Apply your HPT knowledge to shape a growing virtual chapter that spans multiple states

Finance Chair and Marketing Chair are Needed.

Both positions are playing important roles on the board of our chapter.

The finance chair’s major responsibilities include:

  • Develop an annual operating budget with the ISPI leadership team
  • Monitor adherence to the budget
  • Set long-range financial goals along with funding strategies to achieve them
  • Create, approve, and update (as necessary) policies that help ensure the assets of the organization are protected
  • Ensure policies and procedures for financial transactions are documented in a manual, and the manual is reviewed annually, and updated as necessary

The marketing chair’s major responsibilities include:

  • Develop and manage timelines for various communication activities to support strategic plans
  • Manage and perform all activities for designing, modifying and maintaining all print and digital documents
  • Serve as writer/editor for the development, production, and maintenance of the communication vehicles (for example, the websites, publications, email blasts, etc.)
  • Design and send emails to promote events, programs, and news

More Volunteers Needed

We are also seeking volunteers for different functions, including marketing, finance, membership, technology, and program. We especially welcome and encourage all of our current members to apply for internal consideration!

Apply Now

Prospective candidates could email for more information.

Please note that all volunteers must be a current member of our chapter.

Here are only a few benefits you’ll enjoy as a member of ISPI BABS:

  • Attend chapter webinars hosted by top talents in HPT(Human Performance Technology)
  • Stay current on emerging performance improvement innovations
  • Opportunities to apply HPT(Human Performance Technology) tools and methodology
  • Members-only access to all recorded webinar sessions and/or slide decks at no charge
  • Discounted admissions to regional and international conferences (such as the ISPI annual conference and ISPI EMEA conference)