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OPWL Webinar – December 3 – Managing Up: Yourself and Your Environment – A Key to Success and Satisfaction with John Lazar

John Lazar webinar

OPWL Webinar

Due to technical difficulties, the original meeting has been rescheduled for the following date and time.

Presenter: John Lazar
3:00 – 4:30 pm mt

“Managing Up: Yourself and Your Environment – A Key to Success and Satisfaction”

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In any work situation, we have this opportunity: choose our perspective about what matters more; recognize what we can control or influence (or be along for the ride); and adjust and align our practices to produce desired outputs and outcomes.

Let’s get our job done well and develop solid, safe working relationships as much as we can. One expression of this is understanding what your supervisor/manager wants/expects and values, and why. The more you know, the better you can fulfill, or even negotiate, those expectations.

This session will offer a framework for making sense of work and the relationship with your boss. The choices you make and the stories you tell (yourself and others) will shape your experience and the value you can produce.

We will have time to discuss some of these issues in small groups (via zoom breakout rooms), then share and learn from each other together. Let’s move up our learning curves together.