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Course Project Samples

OPWL students are required to complete a real workplace project, for a real client in the workplace, as a member of a virtual team. These projects are intended to provide students practice conducting a needs assessment, an evaluation as well as designing instruction, developing e-learning modules or proposing a research project. The goal is to provide student practice applying the fields’ models to resolve real workplace problems so the process can successfully be replicated in the student’s workplace. While that is the primary goal, we are proud that so many of the course projects done by students have resulted in grants being awarded or proposed solutions being implemented as the client feedback indicates on the below spring 2016 student instructional design project.

Below are course project samples completed by students to resolve real workplace needs.

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OPWL 506 Survey Design and Data Analysis

OPWL 523 E-Learning Authoring and Development

Visit the OPWL Course Resources Canvas site to view OPWL 523 Project Samples.

OPWL 525 E-Learning Content Design and Learning Management Systems

  • DNR Branch Scenario
    Skill Building Exercise #2
    Completed by Michael Richardson
    This was originally a PowerPoint file and has been converted to a video for viewing purposes.
  • Talent LMS Walkthrough
    Skill Building Exercise #3
    Completed by Mary Ly-Nguyen

OPWL 529 Needs Assessment

OPWL 530 Evaluation

OPWL 535 Principles of Adult Learning

OPWL 537 Instructional Design

Student Blogs

Blogs help writers and readers reflect on new ideas and experiences. They provide a mechanism to apply new techniques to current and future ID practice. They also help their writers hone their professional voice.


OPWL 551 Storyboarding and Scenario-Based E-Learning

Asset Repository


OPWL 592 Portfolio

Client Testimonials on Course Projects

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