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Brent Doncaster

Brent Doncaster

Class of 1995

Sr. Program Manager
Citrix Systems, Inc.


What the IPT degree did for me was that it provided the equivalent of 10+ years work experience in the field and allowed me to be the peer of people who had spent their entire careers in the training and education fields. I would add that the degree also gave me an advantage in that I was already at a position of knowledge and understanding-ahead of my colleagues who were just then beginning to figure out the whole notion of “Human Performance Improvement” and how to execute in that space. In many ways I was already executing in this space-in essence I was years ahead of many of my peers.

I can also say this: In 2000, the IPT degree also helped “set me apart” and helped me to transition into a new role in the training industry, in a new organization in South Florida-the organization I still work for, is a $1.1 billion software company with 3500 employees world wide, is one of the top 20 software firms in the world, and is continuing to grow rapidly. The IPT degree got me “noticed and ultimately helped me get hired.”