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Ingrid Campbell

Ingrid Campbell

Class of 2018

Learning Technologist


I began looking for a Graduate Certificate program in early 2016. The Boise State Workplace Instructional Design program caught my eye because it was one of the few not geared toward academic settings. As a teacher at the time, that was very important to me. The WIDe program also caught my eye because it appeared a nice balance between the theoretical underpinnings of why we do the things we do and building technical design knowledge.

Semesters of designing learning experiences, building learning objects, working both independently and collaboratively with classmates, and squeezing in a few publications in between paid off when, just before graduation, I was offered a new position. The position with an instructional design company is a giant leap in my career. And I have Boise State to thank for giving me the tools to move into the next phase of my professional life.


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