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Iris Carrasquillo

Iris Carrasquillo

Class of 2014

Manager – Tariffs and Training
NECA North Central Region

As a trainer with 15 years of experience, I was very passionate about employee development. I eventually became fascinated with all things e-learning, but lacked the skills to develop e-learning for my organization. I began researching schools with a graduate degree program with a strong emphasis in instructional technology and eventually selected Boise State due to its long-standing history and accolades in the training and performance improvement industry. I found Boise’s graduate certificate program in Workplace E-learning and Performance Support (WELPS) very challenging, yet thorough. Even the more experienced instructional designers in class learned new techniques and concepts.

Slowly but surely, I was positively influenced by instructors and classmates. I began viewing my job as being more than a trainer and cocooned into a performance improvement professional seeking the best interventions (training and non-training alike) to improve performance. Pursuing the Master of Science degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning helped me learn how to apply methodologies to select and justify interventions, and make a convincing argument based on data and sound judgment.

Get ready. Get set. There will be a lot of work, challenging concepts to apply, and plenty of highly educated and experienced professionals ready to challenge you in ways you can’t even imagine!