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Jie Chen

Jie Chen

Class of 2017

Instructional Designer


I have six years’ experience in Learning & Development and Human Resource Management in multinational and family-owned companies. Through previous work experience, I developed expertise in training needs analysis, employee training planning and evaluation, instructional design, performance management, and learning management system administration. Gradually I realized instructional programs weren’t the right solutions to many performance problems, so I researched various masters programs related to human performance and workplace learning. OPWL program was the perfect fit for me because it covered both performance and learning outcome focused practice.

My time in the OPWL program was one of the challenging and rewarding experiences in my life. I learned and gradually build up my OPWL repository and networking resources by completing various projects in different courses, including

  • Needs assessment project for a public research institution, including identifying and assessing performance opportunities and their causes, prioritizing problems and making feasible solutions
  • Online training program evaluation project for a medical center, including exploring various models of both formative and summative evaluations, designing and implementing evaluation plan, and presenting the evaluation report
  • Instructional design project for a high-tech company, including performance/task/learner analysis, designing instructional objectives and assessment, and writing up detailed instructional plan
  • Performance-oriented blended learning solution for a high-tech company
  • Systematic literature review & one graduate course design for the topic of mentoring in the workplace
  • Ethnographic research project for an online graduate class
  • Three mini rapid e-learning development projects with Adobe Captivate and Storyline

I also took advantage of OWPL 595 – Readings and Conference and Graduate Assistance Scholarship to be actively involved in the research and course design projects in a way that helped me reflect, synthesize, and apply the knowledge and skills I gained in the courses.

Finally, I am truly grateful to OPWL professors and staffs. They were highly professional, accessible, knowledgeable, and showed great interest in students’ growth. I was motivated and inspired by their passion for education and for the high-quality coaching delivered in and out of the courses.

With the capabilities and networking I have built up in OPWL program, I can be able to effectively collaborate with the clients to design and deliver the value-added solutions (including instructional and non-instructional solutions) in a way that is systematic, systemic and using evidence-based practice. I would highly recommend it to anyone who seeks to broaden and/or improve their knowledge and skills in instructional design and human performance technology.


Mentoring, workplace learning, and performance improvement: Evidence, evaluation, and research methods from a multiple studies literature review. Lisa A. Giacumo, Jie Chen, and Aurora Seguinot-Cruz, Boise State University. Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Conference 2017.