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Jill Warwick


Class of 2022

Educational Evaluator


By the time I enrolled in the OPWL program, I had worked for four years as an Evaluator in the education field. I chose this program because of its close ties to my current work in order to further my knowledge, but also because there would be other topics and perspectives throughout the curriculum. This program challenged me personally, as I balanced schoolwork, professional work, the COVID-19 pandemic, and personal life, but also opened my eyes to new organizational approaches and theories as well as a world of research I did not know existed. I was surprised by how much I could contribute to discussion board conversations with my own experience, when I had become accustomed to being the youngest person in most rooms. Support was provided at every level, from admissions to in the classroom.

Class projects provided me and my fellow classmates the chance to practice what was being covered in class in real-time and experience those situations for ourselves with professors ready to provide guidance and things to consider at any time. I know my learning will only continue as I progress further into my career. However, the time within the OPWL program provided me with foundational information and the confidence that I can take charge of my own learning.


OPWL Honors Graduate