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Julianne Gill

Julianne Gill

Class of 2015

Epic Training Manager
Tampa General Hospital


I’d been working as a leader in the field of healthcare training for over 10 years, when I made the decision to return to school to obtain my master’s degree. And I had some fairly stringent criteria – the program had to be evidence-based, outcomes driven, professionally focused, and be taught by faculty who had done more than just teach about the field of human performance technology (HPT). After speaking with many schools, I realized that Boise State’s IPT (now OPWL) program met all these criteria and had already been doing online education for 10 years. This assured me that they weren’t just jumping on the latest technology band wagon, and had already worked through any issues related to online education.

Once enrolled, I was impressed that our class projects were actual projects with real clients that were focused on outcomes. It wasn’t just a hypothetical exercise to get a good grade – our clients needed results. And when I worked with my own company on two projects, my Director was quite impressed by the quality of work he received back.

Three years later, my entire approach to my work has changed and my organization has noticed. My training team has been expanded threefold, and will likely be expanded again. Why? We provide more effective results that are valued by the leaders of those departments. We facilitate outcomes vs. document how many staff we’ve trained.

So, would I recommend Boise State’s OPWL program? Yes, absolutely – take the plunge! It will be a lot of work, but the BSU faculty and department staff are extremely supportive and truly care about your success. I have never regretted the time that I’ve put in (or the sleep I’ve lost!), and I truly value the students & faculty that I’ve met and learned from and with.