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Karen Baerlocher

Karen Baerlocher

Class of 2014

Peak View Performance Solutions, LLC




My Bachelor’s degree from Portland State University is Social Science, with an emphasis in Sociology and History. My career had been working in the human resources field for over thirteen years and I was looking for a new challenge. I wanted a Master’s degree that would supplement my career, challenge my thinking, and provide me the flexibility to continue working full-time and caring for my young children. In researching programs and universities, I found what I was looking for at Boise State University.

The OPWL program at BSU gave me everything; respected professors with industry experience, flexibility, a high-quality education, and course offerings I could tailor to my career goals. It helped me to deepen and broaden my human resources skills, and focus on the holistic picture. It also allowed me to connect with others in different industries around the country that share similar goals, perspectives, and aspirations. I’ve made connections with people that I am confident will span the rest of my lifetime.

The program pushed me to believe in myself in ways I did not know existed. I started my own successful consulting business with a new approach to serve our community unlike any other HR consulting firm. The experiences you will gain from the professional staff and professors in the OPWL program is well worth the investment in your future.


Publications and Presentations

January 2014
Case Study Evaluating a High School Associated Student Body Program