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Leslie Harper

Leslie Harper

Class of 2011

Performance Improvement Engineer
EchoStar Technologies, L.L.C.


Last year I attended my first ISPI international conference. I was a bit afraid, having no idea what the conference would be like. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my IPT education helped me fit in perfectly; in fact, I was even able to cite an article for people to read when a particular topic came up during one session!

At this year’s conference, during the opening events, they asked those of us who had published to stand—because my IPT professors had encouraged publishing articles, I could proudly stand up amongst some amazing people in our field. We also had two BSU IPT alumni become ISPI directors, and one keynote speaker referenced work by one of our professors, Dr. Marker—I was proud to wear my big blue IPT button!

I moved to a new department (~150 people) at work soon after I started in the IPT program, and was able to immediately apply what I was learning to my job. A friend asked me recently if I was actually using my master’s degree; I told him I still do every day, even a year after graduating! I have several of the tools I learned, as well as the ISPI Standards and Code of Ethics, posted up on my walls as reminders. Because of what I’ve been able to apply from my IPT education, I just received our group’s annual Outstanding Contributor award!


Outstanding Graduate 2011