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Pat Ferrell

pat ferrell

Class of 2011

Manager, Talent and Organizational Performance/Learning and Collaboration
Accenture Consulting


Today’s professionals must have a strong working knowledge of all the various aspects of Performance Improvement—from needs assessments to instructional design to change management. All of these topics, which are part of the comprehensive IPT curriculum, have given me an invaluable foundation of knowledge for my career. When my clients look to me for guidance on how to improve their workforces, I have to know all of the possible causes—and solutions—in order to give the best advice.

I completed the entire program online, and it was a great way to prepare for today’s “virtual work-world”. Learning to collaborate with others from around the country helped prepare me to communicate with my colleagues around the globe. The way the courses are structured, especially the team projects, allowed me to work on real problems for real clients—much more effective than textbook learning! It wasn’t easy completing the program while working full time (and traveling!), but it was well worth it.