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Stefan Tobler

Stefan Tobler

Class of 2018

Training Expert
Skyguide Air Navigation Services

By completing the WELPS certificate at Boise, I have added a valuable degree on top of my Master in Psychology, and I have increased my skills for my job as an instructional designer and training expert.

When I started the program I just wanted to gain insights in state-of-the-art eLearning design. Looking back, I now realize that on top of these insights, the entire focus of the program on performance support and human performance technology added greatly to my skill set and will be a constant reminder in my future career.

This program offered a great deal of hands-on experience as well as relevant research. I have so far never experienced any course with such a high transfer rate to my daily work life. Finally, the flexibility offered by an asynchronous format, as well as the helpful staff and faculty, made it the perfect choice for me as a European student without prior experience with the US educational system.