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Suzanne Alexander

Suzanne Alexander

Class of 2014



As luck would have it, I was caught in a lay-off in January​ 2015​ which has precipitated a more earnest job search. I am writing you from my hotel room in Seattle where I am interviewing for four job opportunities. My first interview was today. In my job interview I was asked to evaluate an e-learning module due for an update, and the person interviewing me wanted to see a writing sample. I shared some storyboards from my past work with her, but what really impressed her were the cases I prepared for my oral defense. The feedback I was able to provide on their e-learning module was I think far more penetrating than what they’ve received prior. In all, I seemed to have made a very favorable impression.

When I originally talked with Dr. Stepich who interviewed me prior to my acceptance to the OPWL program he asked me why I wanted the degree. I told him – which was true and still true today – that I wanted the credential, but moreover, I wanted to actually know what I was talking about. I wanted to develop an expertise in the field. I am proud to say that I feel I have accomplished that. I am able to not only develop well-grounded work, but to provide guidance for other learning and development professionals in best practices. BSU’s OPWL program is not only an outstanding program, but it creates outstanding professionals in the field of learning and development, and I’m proud to be a part of that.

From an evaluation standpoint, I add greater value to the organizations that I work for, I have earned greater recognition, and I have become that professional who actually knows what she’s talking about. Thank you OPWL team!

p.s. Suzanne did receive four job offers and her current challenge is deciding which is the best match!