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Valerie Alley Drager

Valerie Alley Drager

Class of 2014

Organizational Development Consultant
Agri Beef


Part of my role as a Human Resource professional for 15 years was to help organizations solve performance related issues. Although I held a degree in Secondary Education and a PHR Certification I lacked formal education in how to solve or analyze performance issues; relying way too often on intuition and not a systematic approach. I knew that I could be more valuable​, effective and confident in my field if I had more education and so began my journey with the OPWL program.

Before I quit my day job to head back to school, I wanted to ensure the OPWL program was the correct program for what I wanted to do when I graduated. Through a​n ​introduction from Jo Ann, I took it upon myself to go interview a former OPWL graduate who was working as an ​instructional design ​c​onsultant at Boise State University. Through that encounter I was able to secure myself a part​-​time job with the eCampus Department while going to school full time. Not only did I get fantastic experience learning about eDesign and learning the role of being an eDesign consultant, I finished my degree in 5 semesters and happily passed my defense in one attempt!

I am currently the Organizational Development Consultant for Agri Beef in Boise​,​ Idaho. This is a brand new department and I am leading the way with ​n​eeds ​a​ssessments, ​p​erformance ​i​nterventions and when needed​,​ of course​,​ ​instructional ​d​esign and ​t​raining! I have been able to contribute to this organization day one because of the education I receive through the OPWL program at Boise State University. If you are at all nervous or worried about heading back to school, just know we all began that way but believe me it is worth it!


Tales from the Field
February 2014
Needs Assessment Case Study: Preserving Patient Safety