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Warren Cole

Warren Cole

Class of 2002

Principal Industry Consultant


A year before completing the program, I was separated from my long time employer through acquisitions and organizational changes.

I worked independently as a consultant in the field of Financial Services Training and Development. The addition of the degree to my resume provided an important credential. And, the content of the program enhanced the programs I developed and delivered.

I began seeking a full-time job and networked into an outstanding opportunity in financial services software. The Masters together with my educational and work experience were all critical in opening the doors to the opportunity and to obtaining the position as a product manager. I had a dual role in development of training material and conducting industry training programs both internally and for customers in that role as well as being and industry speaker at conferences. In this regard I drew heavily on my IPT background and maintained my ISPI membership and reading as well.

I had a more recent opportunity in 2011 to join a larger firm based offshore providing financial services software for the US market. Here again the credential opened the door along with specific work experience and skills. This has been a rewarding work experience in a multi-national, multi-cultural environment for which the IPT program helped me prepare.

To an extent, simply having the degree made a difference as a screening criteria for job searches. However, the experience, information and discipline of the IPT program contributed materially to my workplace successes and achievements.