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Bronco Family Resources

If you are a family member or parent of a first-year, transfer, or non-traditional student preparing to attend Boise State, our Bronco Family Resources are for you. The best way to stay connected is through the Boise State Parent & Family Association!

First-year students are provided pre-orientation checklists to best prepare for their orientation program. Check out our new student guide that addresses common questions, introduces students to some great opportunities to get involved, and helpful support services for their first year and beyond.

BSU student standing on blue turf with parents
Questions about


How Students Submit Transcripts

Learn how to submit your official transcripts.

How to Obtain Official Boise State Transcripts

Learn how to get your official Boise State transcripts here.
Questions about

Bronco Card (Student ID)?

A Bronco Card is a student’s key to campus life! Learn more about what to use it for and how students get one.

How Students Get a Bronco Card

Submit a photo to get a Bronco Card.

What to do with a Bronco Card

5 1/2 Things to do with a Bronco Card.

How to View a Bronco Card Account Balance

Learn how to check your account balance here.
Questions about

Finances and Bill Pay?

Learn more about Student Financial Services, including information on:

  • Making payments on your student’s account
  • Signing up for a payment plan
  • How to become an authorized user to make a payment on your student’s account they need to set you up as an authorized user.
  • Scheduling 1:1 Consults

How to Make a Payment

Learn how to make a payment.

How to Add an Authorized User

For family members to make payments.

Sign Up for a Payment Plan

Learn how to sign up for a payment plan.

Student Financial Services 1:1 Consultations

Sign up for a private consultation.

Financial Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide for financial related tasks.
Questions about

Financial Aid?

Learn more about:

  • How to apply for aid
  • Important forms
  • Scholarship information
  • Deadlines/important dates

Still have questions? Book an appointment with a financial aid counselor.

Financial Aid Verification Process

FAFSA verification

Financial Aid Forms

Access all financial aid forms here.

Important Dates and Scholarship Information

Financial Aid Website

Contact Financial Aid

View office hours and contact info here
Questions about

Parking and Transportation?

Parking permits are available after students register for classes at Boise State!

Learn about Parking Permit Options

Explore the different parking permit zones and options available to students

Purchase a Parking Permit

Permits are on sale now!
Questions about

Housing and Dining?

Learn more about Housing and Dining including information on:

  • Move-In Day
  • Health Guidelines
  • Buying a meal plan
  • Changing your meal plan
  • Room assignments
  • And more!

Housing Assignment Process

Learn about the assignment process and timeline

Housing Portal

Where you select/change your meal plan.

What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects a student’s records. To see a student’s academic or financial records they must authorize you via a Release of Information.

General FERPA information

Learn more about FERPA here.

Release of Information

What is it and how to fill it out.
Learn how to talk to your student about drinking

The Parent Alcohol Handbook

It can be challenging talking to your student about their alcohol use. Studies have shown that students are at a higher risk for binge drinking if they perceive that their parents are okay with their drinking behaviors. This handbook provides specific talking points and information for having these conversations.