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Opt-In to Commuter Connections

We are glad you are interested in joining Commuter Connections. We look forward to learning more about you so we can best connect you to opportunities that best match your interests/passions.
If you have not declared a major, feel free to list the subject area you're most interested in.
If you did not attend an in-person Orientation program and we're not assigned an Orientation Leader, please select N/A.
Are you comfortable receiving text outreach?(Required)
This will be utilized by our Peer Navigators.
If you are not comfortable sharing this information please put N/A and all outreach will be done via email.
Select ALL of the following areas of support that you are interested in having access to in this program.(Required)
Please respond to this prompt: "It is important for me to connect with other students who are also..."(Required)
In Commuter Connections, we want to also provide you the opportunity to take part in community building sessions where you'll have an opportunity to meet other first year students who are also commuters.
The information you provide here will allow us to best match you to a student leader and support you throughout the year. This can include, but is not limited to: hobbies, non-academic interests, challenges you need help navigating, what you need in a peer navigator, etc.
What are your main motivations for joining Commuter Connections?(Required)
This will help us determine how best to support you in this program.