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The DSST™ is a credit by exam program which offers college credit based on prior learning. The program includes 38 exams and is endorsed by the American Council on Education. Exam subjects include health, ethics, finance, and technology. See the Official DSST Website for more information. Boise State University offers 37 of the 38 exams. Information on DSST Course Credit Equivalency can be found on the Boise State Registrar’s website. It’s recommended that you speak with your advisor to decide which test is right for you.

Please note: the Public Speaking Exam is not offered at Boise State at this time.

Boise State Registrar: DSST Credits

Scheduling the Test

The exam is subject to two separate fees: a $40.00 proctoring fee as well as $85.00 to purchase the exam ($125 total). The proctoring fee can be paid online during the scheduling process.  Candidates must bring a valid credit or debit card in order to purchase test access from the DSST website before they begin the test. All test takers must present current and valid picture identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or picture student identification. The test is subject to a 2-hour time limit.

Schedule an Appointment

Test Results

If you need to retrieve score transcripts for a past DSST exam, you must contact DSST directly. Unofficial results will be available immediately after the test. It typically takes four to six weeks for the official scores to arrive at the Registrar’s office. You must wait 90 days to retest if the first attempt is not successfully passed.

More About DSST Scores

Military & Civil Servants:

Boise State Testing Center is an official DANTES funded testing site for qualified military personnel, civil service personnel, Dept. of Defense Acquisition Personnel, and their spouses. Those who are eligible will not be charged the above fees. See the DANTES eligibility guide to find out if you qualify. Qualified testers should select the “Active Military DSST” option when making an appointment.

DANTES Eligibility