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Passport to Education

A subscription-based tuition model that reduces the overall cost of your degree.

Passport to Education is an exclusive offer that connects corporate and community partners–such as our inaugural partner, CapEd Credit Union–to affordable, accessible, high-caliber academic degrees from Boise State University.  In partnership with Boise State Extended Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences we developed a monthly subscription model for paying tuition that lowers cost and reduces student debt, while delivering skills and competencies employers are demanding.

CapEd members and employees: click here to learn about the Passport to Education benefit.

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“Passport to Education is the reason I am able to finish up my degree. It gives me flexibility with its online courses and provides a monthly payment plan that I can afford and will not get me into student loan debt. I would recommend it anyone wanting to finish up their bachelor’s degree!” – Ricky Bryan, CapEd member and student

The Passport to Education program is a project based in the College of Innovation and Design (CID). You can view all of the CID initiatives on their home page.

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