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How is Passport to Education Different?

Besides offering two very flexible degree options, the Passport to Education program also is based on a revolutionary budget model designed to make your degree more affordable than ever.

We offer two subscription tiers — Passport 6 and Passport 9 — which allows you to customize the amount of time and money you spend on your education each term. You can elect to take up to 6 credits per term for $425 per month, or 9 credits per term for $550 per month.

This tuition model is more reasonable for Idahoans, and students across the country, to achieve. Rather than save a lump-sum tuition payment due at the beginning of each semester (often going into debt to do so), Passport to Education offers lower monthly subscription rates reducing the need for debt and reducing the overall cost of a bachelor’s degree.

To start the program, students will opt-in to the Passport program, and each Fall, students can choose whether to change between the Passport 6 or Passport 9 option.  Students who don’t opt-out of the program will be “tuition-locked” while staying current in the program.