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Minor Repairs and Alterations (Policy 9050)

University Policy 9050

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Effective Date

July 1981

Last Revision Date

June 2016

Responsible Party

Chief Operating Office and Vice President for Campus Operations, (208) 426-1233

Campus Planning and Facilities, (208) 426-1569

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all Repairs, Alterations, and Maintenance proposed by campus units including auxiliary units. It does not apply to capital projects, leased facilities, or portable equipment.

Additional Authority

  • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Amended
  • Idaho Code, Title 54, Chapters 10, 19, 26, and 50
  • IDAPA 07.01 et seq.
  • Idaho Fire Code
  • Idaho Code Title 39, Chapter 11

1. Policy Purpose

To manage the submission and prioritization of campus Repairs, Alterations, and Maintenance projects.

2. Policy Statement

This policy promotes stewardship in the planning, design, Repair, Alteration, and Maintenance of the University’s physical environment so that it is cohesive, contextual, aesthetic, sustainable and enduring. This protects the health, welfare, and safety of the University community and supports the University’s mission.

3. Definitions

3.1 Repair

The reconstruction or renewal of any part of an existing facility for the purpose of maintenance or restoration of its state.

3.2 Alteration

Any work to a facility or the fixed systems and building service equipment which is done to improve the existing level of quality and function; or to accommodate a change in the nature of the use of a space within a building or facility.

3.3 Maintenance

Work performed to a facility or the fixed systems and building service equipment of the building, for the purpose of maintaining quality and function.

4. Responsibilities and Procedures

4.1 Guidelines

a. All Alteration projects needed during the upcoming fiscal year must be requested through Campus Planning and Facilities by January 30 of each year. This request should be submitted on the Service Request Form, including the funding source. Assistance with this form or questions should be directed to Campus Planning and Facilities (CPF).

b. Based on the available resources, the University Architect will develop a recommended priority listing of projects and submit it for discussion and approval to the Chief Operating Officer.

c. Throughout the year, opportunities and emergencies may arise related to life safety, or changes in state or federal policy, that require Repair or Maintenance. These projects should be requested through the appropriate Dean or Vice-President and forwarded to Campus Planning and Facilities on the Service Request Form. This group will consult with the Chief Operating Officer or designee to determine whether or not a change in priorities is warranted and how to fund projects.

d. General Maintenance requests may be submitted throughout the year to Facilities Operations & Maintenance on a Work Order form.

4.2 Accessible Features and Equipment

a. When accessible features and equipment including but not limited to articulated door openers, ramps, braille signage, etc. are in need of Repair, Alteration, or Maintenance, follow the steps above in 4.1. Be sure to note that the projects include an accessible feature.

b. If additional accommodations need to be provided while during Repair, Alteration, or Maintenance, CPF and/or Facilities Operations and Maintenance will work with the requesting group to help provide the accommodation during the repair. See the Facilities Operations and Maintenance Procedures for ensuring accessible facilities.

Revision History

July 1995; January 2016; June 2016