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Permanent signage on all Boise State controlled buildings is strictly controlled. If you would like to produce new signage or have questions regarding any existing signage, please contact Architectural and Engineering Services.

All temporary signs on campus should follow the Boise State Brand Standards and be in good taste. The University Signature Mark must be used on signage, and not the athletics spirit mark (the Bronco head). Signage that is intended to be displayed for a short period of time, up to 90 days, shall be considered temporary.

All requests for permanent and temporary signage that is affixed to a building or in the ground, must be approved through the Facilities Planning Council.

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Pull Up Banners

Pull Up Banners: 33.5" x 84"

Three Pull Up Banner options use our specific colors, fonts and logos to represent the spirit of our university and provide our colleges, departments and other university representatives instant recognition.

Examples of Boise State pull up banner designs

View and download Pull Up Banner Templates

Banners that promote campus events and university departments and programs are permitted on campus, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Banners shall be installed only at approved locations by approved campus personnel
  • Banner installation components shall not damage the building and shall not compromise building safety and/or security requirements
  • Banners shall not be attached to sign posts, trees, other plant materials
  • Construction and design of the banner must be high quality
  • The size of banner shall be appropriate for the intended location
  • Banners shall not contain language, symbols, or graphics that are obscene or discriminatory in nature
  • Banners with a commercial message are prohibited

Academic and administrative signage should use the University Signature Mark in appropriate proportions and consistent presentations and use the University typography and colors. The correct use of the university name, typography and color promotes the consistent visual identity of Boise State University to students, potential students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Interior and exterior signage must be coordinated with Architectural and Engineering Services and may be ordered through University Sign Shop.