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Business Cards

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The standardized business card format must be used by those who are employed by the univer­sity. The vertical version of the logo is used on all Boise State University business cards.

To ensure consistency, all Boise State business cards must use approved templates. Individual schools, departments and other units may not alter the prescribed business card design and format without permission from the Brand Committee ( Because of the potential for poor quality, departments are not allowed to create and design their own business cards on personal computers, nor is it permitted to have busi­ness cards printed at off-campus locations.

  • Usage guidelines for the University Signature Mark apply to business cards.
  • Information printed on business cards should fit the template design shown in the samples on this page. There shall be no deviation from the positioning of the various elements of the business card.  All the information other than name, title and department, should fit into the two columns at the bottom of the card, up to a maximum of four rows.
  • The format of each card is consistent and may not be changed, including the size and color of the logo, color of the paper, paper stock, type size and fonts uti­lized. The template provides space for an individual’s name and title, unit name, the university address, office phone number, fax number and e-mail address. Other informa­tion can also be added such as cell phone number, office location or Web address, as long as it fits in the space provided.
  • The top line, usually the name of the individual, aligns with the B symbol in the University Signature Mark, as shown in the sample on this page. In some instances, the top line may be the name of a unit within the university. A unit name may be printed in bold type with the individual’s name underneath it in regular type if a unit so chooses.
  • No graphic images other than the university logo may be displayed on Boise State business cards. The University Signature Mark is to be used on business cards rather than the specific companion logos for schools, colleges, departments, units, centers, institutes or facilities in order to maintain the consistency and integrity of the university iden­tity.
  • One and two-sided versions of the business cards are available.  The second side of the business card must use the prescribed format (the University Signature Mark, or if applicable, and if approved, for affiliated organizations, the applicable affiliate logo).
  • Currently, units are advised not to add additional information to the other side of the business card.  The business card provides contact information.  Marketing information should reside on your website and printed marketing materials.

Place a Business Card Order

Student Business Cards

Student business cards are available for current students to use in connection with university-related business. They are similar to staff cards but have orange, instead of blue, backs. Department chair/head approval is needed.

The front of the cards include:

  • Student Name
  • College
  • Degree/discipline
  • Student phone number
  • Student u.boisestate email address
  • University address
  • Department web address

If you have questions, email