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QR codes

As more smart phones have built in code readers in their cameras, QR codes are a convenient way to bring your audience to your department’s website immediately.

We offer a suite of QR code templates that fit our university brand, are customizable, and allow you to track data easily.

Use a short url for accessibility

Always include a url in text for people who cannot or do not want to scan the QR code. This will ensure there is always another way for them to access information.

If the url is very long, not easy to read or contains many numbers and symbols please use the form to request a shortened URL.

Examples of urls that do not require short urls:


Examples of urls that do require short urls:

  • Google forms


$5 for each new QR code link.
$5 to update an existing QR code with new URL.

Image shows eight examples of QR code choices.
Examples of QR code designs.


  1. Circle or Square shapes
  2. 2-Color Blue and Orange, with B Symbol
  3. 1-Color Blue or Black with B Symbol
  4. 1-Color Blue or Black, no logo