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Project Launchpad

Higher education has a three-part mission to teach, research and serve.

An Effort to Bring Universities Together

“This is a moment when we are called with urgency to collaborate for our students’ and nation’s future.”

– Dr. Marlene Tromp

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Join us – upload your research and strategies that can support our students

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We invite you to browse Project Launchpad research to help all of us advance the professional and personal well-being of our students.

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Colleges and universities have an urgent responsibility to utilize our research prowess and infrastructure to address the serious challenges young people face, and to serve our students now and into the future. Sharing information and strategies can help them thrive in spite of the real challenges they face. Publishing research findings in an open-source and accessible way allows all of us to benefit from one another’s work.

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We are problem solvers

Just as scientists mitigated threats to Apollo 13 from Houston’s Mission Control Center, we, too, can work quickly and collaboratively to mitigate the striking challenges that COVID poses for our students.

Boise State’s “Apollo 13” task force is a team of academic, student success and mental health leaders who have set their sights on resolving problems and creating new strategies for supporting our students.

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