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An Effort to Bring Universities Together

Project Launchpad National Digital Summit

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Our students need us; we can make a difference!

In this captivating half-day event held on December 1, 2020, university presidents and administrators dialogued about how we can better recognize the problems our students face, the trauma with which we and our institutions are dealing, and partner together to better serve our students during this critical moment.

Higher education has a three-part mission–to teach, research, and serve. This is a moment when we are called with urgency to do all three for our students and our nation’s future. We must respond to that call and support young people far more broadly so we can continue to fulfill our mission.

Just as the scientists at ground control responded to the challenges of the Apollo 13 in flight, we must work creatively–in the midst of the crisis–to achieve our goals for them and for our institutions.

We have been justly cautious about the threat COVID-19 poses to people’s physical wellbeing. Colleges and universities have a vital responsibility to use their research prowess and student support infrastructure to gather information about how best to serve our students, now–in this difficult moment– and well into the future, and to address the serious challenges young people face.

We must do so together, collaborating and sharing information and strategies so the young leaders we train can survive and thrive in spite of the challenges presented by this moment. Young people are our future, and our future may depend upon it.

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