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Getting to Know Dr. Honts, and his Achievements in the Field of Psychology and Law

Dr. Honts, a Professor of Psychological Sciences here at Boise State, continues a 40-yearlong research program that focuses on applying psychological science to real world problems. Dr. Honts conducts research in the general area of Psychology and Law and specifically on deception detection, forensic interviewing, and false confessions. He currently has a manuscript reporting a comprehensive meta-analysis of the Comparison Question Test, world-wide the most commonly used polygraph test, under revision at a peer-reviewed journal.

Along with his research activities, Dr. Honts frequently does continuing education for the legal and law enforcement professions. Specifically, he has done so around the United States and in Canada, China, Columbia, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Provided below are a list of Professor Honts publications, speaking invitations, and awards.

Recent Publications:

Cutler, B. L., Neuschatz, J. S., & Honts, C. R. (2020). An overview of expert psychological testimony in false confession cases. The Champion, June, 30-35.

Honts, C. R., & Thurber, S. (2019). : A Journal of Science and Field Practice, 48(2), 76-86.

Honts, C. R., Forrest, K., & Stepanescu, A. (2019). Polygraph examiners unable to discriminate true and false juvenile confessions. Polygraph & Forensic Credibility Assessment: A Journal of Science and Field Practice, 48(1), 1-9.

Speaking Invitations:

Honts, C. R. (April, 2020). Deception and Deception Detection in 2020: The Mature Psychological Science That Few People Know. Invited Past President’s Address at the annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, Denver, Colorado, United States. (Conference canceled, rescheduled for April, 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah).


Recipient of The Harry Detwiler Award for contributions to the polygraph profession in Latin America through advances in practice and research. Asociación Latinoamericana de Poligrafistas, November 8, 2014, Cancún, Mexico.

Recipient of The John E. Reid Memorial Award for distinguished achievements in polygraph research, teaching or writing. American Polygraph Association, August 6, 2009, Nashville, Tennessee.

To learn more about Dr. Honts’ work please refer to his TED talk: Honts, C. R. (2017, April). Facts and Fiction About Truth and Deception.